Q: How can I register to attend a training course?
All registrations are now on-line. Simply retrieve the on-line registration form, complete and send the form.

Q: Do I receive a confirmation once I book onto the course? How will I receive this?
Yes. The confirmation is sent via the email address/s you nominate on your registration.

Q: Where is the training held in each State?
For the location of our training Venues click here (This retrieves the Training Venue screen)

Q: When should I pay for the training?
Payment should be made once the Tax Invoice has been sent to you. Please do not send a cheque or money order prior to the issuance of a Tax Invoice.

Q: When will I receive a Tax Invoice?
Tax Invoices are issued one week prior to the course date. For example if you apply to register in January for a course being held in May, the Tax invoice will not be issued and sent to you until May.

Q: How can I pay for the training?
The training can be paid by either one of these methods:

Money Order
Credit Card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Bankcard)

Q: Who do I make the cheque out to?
If paying by cheque or Money Order, please make the cheque payable to:

Suite 403, Level 3
152 Bunnerong Road

Q: What happens if my Dangerous Goods Certification expires?
You are required to re-sit the 3 days Dangerous Goods Acceptance course again.


Q: I failed to reach the pass mark in the course I just attended, do I have to re-sit the whole course again or can I just do the exam?
You will need to speak to the Training Manager/Assessor to determine the best course of action for you.

Q: What are the pass marks for each exam?
International Air cargo Security 85%
Dangerous Goods Acceptance 85%
Dangerous Goods Re-certification 85%
International Export Air Freight procedures 80%
Load Distribution & Restraint 80%
Basic Import Air Freight Procedures 80%
Basic Import/Export Sea Freight Procedures 80%
Dangerous Goods By Sea 80%
Dangerous Goods Awareness Pass/Fail
Claims Procedures No Exam

Q: If I wish to speak to the assessor about my exam am I able to do so?
Yes, you are. Please keep in mind that our trainers and assessors are not always available during the day as they are in training, however they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as convenient.

Q: When will I receive my certificate?
The certificate is usually sent out within 10 working days. However there will some occasions when it may take longer due to the fact that the assessor is interstate training and is unable to mark the exams immediately.

To ensure a speedy delivery of certificate please ensure that the course has been paid for and that you supply the correct mailing address.

Q: Can anyone do the International Air Cargo Security Course?
No, only employees from Regulated Air Cargo Agents can attend this course.

Q: How am I notified when my Dangerous Goods certification expires?
IATA advise those with an AU registration no. approximately 6 months before expiry.

Q: When do I need to re-certify for my Dangerous Goods training?
The new laws now allow you to re-certify in the period up to 3 months before your current certificate is due to expire, whilst retaining the day/month of expiry 2 years hence. For example: If you have a certificate due to expire March 31st 2004, then re-certification training can be undertaken ANY time within January, February or March 2004 and your NEXT certificate will remain current until March 31, 2006.