As part of our commitment to this industry, AFIF offers a wide range of regulatory and non-regulatory training for Forwarders and other parties in the International supply chain.

Our program continues to expand and progress and some of the courses offered are delivered on-line in partnership with the CBFCA. The AFIF Training Program is accessible via our website, where you can book your training and receive your confirmation immediately. You can also amend or cancel your booking on-line. Face-to-face classroom training and the related 'group dynamics' will still remain an integral part of our program for some time and our goal remains unchanged: - to provide relevant and progressive input to the development of our Industry.

AFIF has 'approved school' accreditation status from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) both in Australia and Montreal, Canada and as such is authorised to conduct training in Dangerous Goods by Air procedures. Certificates issued by AFIF for Dangerous Goods Acceptance and Re-Certification are recognised internationally. IATA in Australia has also stipulated that Training in Load Distribution and Restraint Procedures is mandatory for appropriate personnel.

In addition, a number of AFIF training courses meet the compliance criteria of the following Australian Statutory and Government Bodies: Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for the Dangerous Goods by Air courses; Office of Transport Security (DoITRDLG) for the Air Cargo Security courses; Australian Maritime Safety authority (AMSA) for the Dangerous Goods by Sea (IMDG Code) course.

AFIF continues to work with 'myfreightcareer' Traineeship program by providing statutory and basic cargo course training to their inducted trainees. The traineeship offers a government accredited career opportunity for school leavers and other Industry entrants. The program continues to grow with your support and will provide a good basis for the future of our industry.

AFIF is therefore well positioned under its Education and Training Program to meet the needs of our expanding Industry, as we move into ever more challenging times.

Brian Lovell – CEO