• AQIS & INDUSTRY CARGO CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (AICCC): - The peak body of consultation between AQIS and Industry. AFIF is also well represented in the working groups formed under Industry Working Group Quarantine (IWGQ).
  • AUSTRALIAN DANGEROUS GOODS AIR TRANSPORT COUNCIL (ADGATC): - AFIF meets with other relevant Industry bodies involved in the movement of Dangerous Goods under the auspices of the CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY AUTHORITY (CASA).
  • AUSTRALIAN LOGISTICS COUNCIL (ALC): - A body formed in 2002 under the auspices of the Deputy PM & Minister for Transport, to develop and implement a national strategy involving all parties in the Logistics chain.
  • CUSTOMS and BORDER PROTECTION NATIONAL CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (CBPNCC): - The peak body for discussion between Customs and Industry on facilitation issues.
  • CUSTOMS and BORDER PROTECTION INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT SUB-COMMITTEES: i) Admin and Legal; ii) Service delivery: - AFIF is represented on both sub-Committees discussing operational issues with the integrated cargo system (ICS) and that policy and legislative changes are discussed.
  • DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE and TRANSPORT, 'REGULATED AIR CARGO AGENT' (RACA) SECURITY PROGRAM. AFIF as both a representative body and a training institute meets regularly with the Cargo Working Group regarding this program.
  • FREIGHT COUNCILS - State based Government and Industry bodies dealing with both air and sea freight related issues on behalf of the exporting community.
  • IATA CARGO EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (CEC). AFIF currently holds the chairmanship and has 3 voting representatives and equal voting rights with carriers at meetings hosted by IATA Australia and attended by Qantas and all foreign carriers operating in Australia. Discussions include matters relating to CASS & the Australian Cargo Agency Program.
  • TRADEGATE LTD: - EDI & Electronic Commerce Initiatives: AFIF is represented at Board level on this Industry value-added network & E-Commerce development Industry Body.